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Real Time Monitors - Switch Expert™

Switch Expert™ (SE) is an IP-based client/server network element monitoring application that utilizes Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) strong encryption and meets the Telecommunication Management Network (TMN) mandatory requirements. SE is Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) and Information Assurance (IA) certified for DoD networks. SE may be used by the NOC to simultaneously monitor multiple network elements (NE) in real-time and provide point and click access to processed data. Switch Expert’s modules map to FCAPS, the ISO Telecommunications Management Network Model and framework for network management.


The Fault module processes all events and alarms produced by the switching system and incorporates an integrated system event analyzer.


The Configuration module provides users with Secure System Access (SSA) for command line maintenance, along with integrated predefined and customizable VB Scripting for terminal sessions via RS232, Telnet Rlogin, and SSH.


The Accounting module provides ad-hoc call detail-recording queries and analysis, in addition to assignable cost codes for automated bill delivery processes.


The Performance module processes raw switch data used to produce meaningful switch performance reports, which include short- and long-term attendant console reports and trunk utilization studies.

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